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Welcome to Corn Mill Stoves

Woodburning & Multifuel Clearview Pioneer 400 & Vision 500 Stoves

Welcome to Corn Mill Stoves, the specialists in Clearview stoves based in the beautiful town of Skipton in Yorkshire, at the historic High Corn Mill.

Let us guide you through the process from choosing your wood burning or multi fuel stove to arranging installation by our team of stove and chimney specialists.

When looking for quality and experience Corn Mill Stoves is the place to visit. Our showroom is well stocked with Clearview stoves, including the popular Pioneer 400 and the Vision 500.

Situated in Skipton (known as the gateway to the Yorkshire Dales) we service a wide area including Ilkley and Grassington amongst many others.

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Our showroom  has a fantastic range of stoves for you to see; come along and see the Pioneer 400, Pioneer 400P, Pioneer Oven, Vision 500, Vision Inset, Solution 400, Clearview 650, as well as many stone samples, hearths and accessories.

Clearview Stoves For Sale

Clearview StovesThere is something intrinsically appealing about a wood or multi fuel stove which goes beyond just heat. On a chilly evening there is an ambience which gives a room a special feeling when the stove is glowing in the open fireplace. In certain parts of the country, the call for the stove will come earlier in the year, and earlier in the evening, so the northern counties such as Lancashire and Yorkshire are favourite locations for houses where the owners have opted to choose one of the stoves from the likes of Corn Mill Stoves in Skipton.

The Clearview stoves prices will certainly be something home owners will want to look into when they are considering the idea of getting one of the models which are on sale. Much depends on the heat output of the fire required. It is possible to get a fire which is actually too big and will be too great a heat source for the size of room. The trick is to get the right fire for the right room size, and there are charts which suggest the correct thermal output, which go alongside the Clearview stoves price list.

They have an excellent range of fires and they are made to fit in all types of room especially those older properties and cottages found in the likes of the Yorkshire Dales, the Cotswolds and the rural areas of the country. Purchasers of the stove will be pleased to know that there is a good backup of Clearview stoves spares, so there will never be the need to worry if something needs replacing.

Clearview Multi Fuel Stoves

Woodburing StovesTraditionally the stove burner was for wood, and that is still one of the more popular fuels for those with an idea to heat a room efficiently. But wood and logs are not always easily available in certain areas, so it is very handy to have the option to burn other fuels such as coal. The Clearview stoves for sale are listed with the size of the log capacity mentioned, but they also have grates which will also take the alternative fuel. In the case of the Clearview Vision 500 there is the capacity for good size logs, but if coal is used there is an easy to clean grate.

Those with some experience of burning logs will know that it’s useful to get to know a supplier as soon as the wood burner is installed! Farmers who regularly manage the trees on their land are good people to know. Getting the logs delivered ahead of the cooler months is important as they wood needs to be dry before putting in one of the Clearview woodburning stoves. Of course that is less of a problem if using a multi fuel stove, but again the choice of coal type is important. Fossil fuels come in all shapes and sizes, and some are trickier to get fired up than others. However the stoves which are in the wood burning stoves Clearview range are easy to light regardless of the fuel, with dry light wood being the best for the initial fire up, and then to have some harder wood logs ready in the fire basket for later on. They will sit in the stove and gently burn for hours, and if the stove vents are controlled correctly, they will still be glowing the next morning.

Clearview Pioneer 400 Price

Clearview Pioneer 400The cost of a new wood burner is not that great, and many are pleasantly surprised when they see that fires such as the Pioneer 400 stove price is normally well within budget. The fact that this stove will push out up to 5Kw of heat for the low outlay of wood from a local farmer makes it a very cost effective option. It is also a more environmentally friendly form of heating when using older logs from tree branches and trunks which have to be cut to ,stimulate growth. Whilst this is a smaller stove, it has the capability of taking decent 10” logs. Another great thing about a wood burner is that a kettle can be popped on the raised hot plate on the top, for constant hot water for that perfect cuppa, and all at the cost of the fuel!

Add to that the option for a boiler system to be put in and the wood burner becomes more than just a heat source, but also central to the heating system for the entire house. That is the most efficient of all heating systems and one which attracts many to look out the Clearview stoves stockists. In the case of the Pioneer 400 the boiler will produce 8,000 BTU of hot water, but the bigger stoves will produce even more hot water. Those extra capabilities certainly can be the swaying factor for those looking for fuel efficiency at lower costs.

Clearview Vision 500 Best Price

Vision 500 StoveThere have been a number if ‘firsts’ by the Clearview company and one of those is that the Clearview vision 500 stove was the first in the UK to be authorised to burn fossil fuels in smoke controlled zones. That’s the beauty of the multi fuel stove which can be a problem for those living in those smoke free areas of the country. All the stoves from this company have the same basic parts such as the brass handles and glass doors, although the Clearview stoves vision 500 model has a larger glass viewing window.

This is very much one of the most popular models as it is small, but produces up to 8Kw of heat. Anyone who has enjoyed the glow of a wood burner will be quick to point out that sometimes they can be very hot, and as such there is the need to use the vent controls to reduce the output. It becomes a knack after a short time, and in some houses there can be competition as to who can get the best out of the woodburner! But it is a fine sight in the morning when the residents come down to a lounge which has been kept warm overnight and then it is simply a matter of opening the up draught vents to get the Vision 500 back to full output again. There is no doubt that given the options for heating systems which have little aesthetic appeal and products which gobble up our valuable energy supplies, the likes of the Clearview stoves vision 500 will appeal to a larger number of people.

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